Sunday, 1 January 2012

Brand New Me

Actually i signed up to blogger for quite some time because i've always been interested in writing. It all started in 2010 when i first started writing in blog, influenced by the popularity of few muslimah bloggers. Oh  how immature i am back than. Booooo my self, boooo!!!! btw looking at those post now, i don't feel happy about it. It is full of crap. However i forgive myself for writing all the rubbish, because i see myself "not-mature-yet" at that particular time. There were also few pictures that i considered "too much". Wearing hijab doesn't mean i already covers my Aurat entirely when all other part of the body being shown! I can still remember how i feel excited to start blogging, ask my dad to buy DSLR so I can take some quality pictures  to post it here. After a while i just feel sick to write when just a few ppl follow my blog. And then I quit. Sad ending -___-

And now only i feel like want to start writing again in that sense that i now have become a grown up woman who has so many things that i would like to share with others like food i love and things i see through my perspective. Lucky i can still remember my passwords!! :D And i'm no longer put any expectation that somebody will read my writing. I just feel wanna write. Enjoy reading peeps :)

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